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What’s The Difference Between a Spare Wheel and a Space Saver Wheel?

As we covered in a previous post, it has been found that only 29% of new cars come with a spare wheel pre-installed. This can, of course, put you at a disadvantage if you get a flat tyre as you won’t have any option other than getting someone else to come and pick you up.

Naturally, no one wants this when they are taking an important or long journey, so you need to get your own spare wheel installed.

But that will lead you to one potentially confusing aspect of spare wheels; the fact that there are two different types. You see, you can still purchase a typical spare wheel, or you can buy a space saver spare wheel.

So, today, we wanted to discuss the difference between these two types of spare wheels.

What Is A Traditional Spare Wheel?

When it comes to traditional spare wheels, these are also known as “full size spare wheels”. They are the ones you probably think about if you ever had a car from the early 2000s or before. A traditional spare wheel is basically the exact same size as the tyre on your normal wheels, but the actual wheel is made of steel.

They aren’t very common anymore either, but you can still purchase them. On top of this, because of their size, they are difficult to fit into a modern vehicle without losing a significant portion of your boot.

What Is A Space Saver Wheel?

Unlike traditional spare wheels, the space saver wheels are far smaller. As their name suggests, these wheels are designed to take up considerably less space than a traditional spare wheel.

A space saver wheel is the modern equivalent of a spare wheel, like the ones you would expect the AA or other similar breakdown assistance businesses to use when they need to get your car moved to a safer location. They are able to be installed into modern vehicles without sacrificing much of your bootspace, and are just as reliable as traditional spare wheels too.

Which Spare Wheel Should You Buy?

So, now we have the question of which type of wheel you should purchase for your car, a traditional or space saver wheel.

In current times, it would be far more reasonable to purchase a space saver wheel so that you get the benefits of a spare wheel without the loss of boot space. On top of that, you can ensure that your space saver wheel will be made to current legislation and regulations, giving you peace of mind on your journey.

Plus, since space saver wheels are available for so many different models of vehicle now, there is very little reason to get a traditional wheel.

Where Should You Buy Them From?

If you are looking to purchase a spare wheel for your car, then you are in the perfect place. We offer a wide variety of space saver wheels and worldwide shipping. Why not take a look at our products here and make sure your car journey will always be a safe one!

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