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At The Wheel Shop, we stock one of the U.K’s largest range of spare wheels, including space saver wheels. If you have ever had a flat tyre, you will know how important a spare wheel can be, for both your safety and the convenience of being back on the road within 10 minutes. This is why we offer such competitive prices and fast shipping at The Wheel Shop. As part of our range, we offer stand-alone spare wheels, spare wheels with a tool fit kit and spare wheels with a wheel cover bag.

How To Find A Spare Wheel For Your Car?

Finding a spare wheel for your car has never been easier – By using our 3 step filtering process, you can now browse our stock of spare wheels that will fit your vehicle in seconds!

Helping our customers with their shopping experience is very important to us. This is why we have a large customer support team that offers specialist wheel and tyre advice, available on the phone. Call 0161 302 5656 or enquire via email today!

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