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At The Wheel Shop, we provide our customers with high quality wheels and tyres to ensure smooth journeys in all seasons. During winter, temperatures below 7 degrees can harden the rubber that is used to make a summer tyre. This can cause a less comfortable and safe driving experience.

Why Are Winter Tyres So Important?

Winter tyres are designed to remain flexible, which allows the car to be more controlled in colder conditions. Further to this, typically the groove within a winter tyre is widened to sustain more extreme weather conditions, such as snow or heavy rain.

Looking For A Winter Tyre That Fits Your Car?

To find the right winter tyre for your car, simply use the 3 step process to filter our products with your specific car! Shopping with The Wheel Shop has never been so easy!

We provide fast delivery for all our products across the U.K and have a specialist team of wheel and tyre experts over the phone to advise you on any questions you may have. Call The Wheel Shop today on 0161 302 5656 or use our enquiry form outside of our office open hours!

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