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The Rules Of Driving With A Space Saver Wheel

Driving is a wonderful thing; however, there are always going to be ‘bumps in the road’. The important part is ensuring that you are prepared for such events. For example, a flat tyre on a rural road. This is something that nobody anticipates but every driver has experienced. 

A recent study that was carried out, analysing the specification of 8,755 vehicle models, found that only 29.5% of new cars were pre-fitted with a space-saving spare wheel. In this article, we aim to educate our customers on the importance of understanding the rules and regulations for driving on the road with a space-saving wheel. 

How To Safely Fit A Space Saver Wheel To Your Car?

Changing a wheel for the first time is something that you will never truly be prepared for; however, it will benefit you to have a good idea of the steps you should take to ensure a smooth action. Below is a 4 step list on how to safely fit a space saver wheel:

  1. Firstly, lift the handbrake, so that it is on and if possible, use an object to block one of the wheels on the other side of the car to be extra safe, if you are not on flat land.
  2. To correctly fit the Jack, find the groove under the side of the car and place the jack directly under. This will be more secure when lifting the vehicle. 
  3. Once you have lifted up the car, take the flat tyre off and replace it with the space saver. If you don’t put the handbrake on the wheel will turn while you are trying to undo the nuts.
  4. After the space saver wheel is on, tighten up the lug nuts, but be careful not to over-tighten them.

The Rules Of Driving On The Road With A Spare Wheel

Fitting a space saver wheel to your car, after having a flat, gives you the freedom of being able to safely get home with little time lost. From there, you will be able to arrange a new fitting for your car. However, there are rules that need to be followed when driving with a spare wheel, for your own safety and the safety of other drivers on the road. The rules are:

What To Do, Once Your Journey Is Over? 

It is not recommended to refit a space saver wheel is used for more than 50 miles as the grip is already weakened in comparison to the normal tyres. However, the car mechanic that fixes your flat tyre or fits a new tyre, will be able to recommend whether you need to buy a new space saver. 

At The Wheel Shop, we stock over 4,000 different space saver wheels and spare wheels, for a huge range of vehicles. We are one of the U.K’s leading providers and offer exceptional prices that you will not find anywhere else. To find a new spare wheel for your car, go to our Spare Wheel page and find a wheel for your car in 3 simple steps!

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